Huntress Moon, by Alexandra Sokoloff

Huntress Moon - Alexandra Sokoloff

This was a thrilling book. Thus the reason it's a thriller, right? But it was also a mystery, because even though you know something of the murderer right away, you don't know the whole story, because you don't find out her motivation until later. 


This book alternates between Agent Roarke's point of view, and the murderer's point of view, with some of her chapters being as short as just one page. But it is effective storytelling, because it eventually weaves into the full story...until the ending at just 86% which was unexpected to say the least. 


I enjoyed this story, though. All of the characters are well-written, and Agent Roarke is very likeable. The story is well-written too, and does not really contain any supernatural elements, even though by the title this sounds like a werewolf series. 


I look forward to reading book 2 and finding out what happens in that book.