Kindle Freebies for 21. June 2013.

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Yay kindle freebies

I don't know if it's just my bad luck or most Kindle Freebies are duplicates from previous weeks. Still here are some new ones I managed to find...


WARNING: Check price before downloading, some of these titles may not be free in your country.






Descent of Blood by Elizabeth Marx Paranormal Romance (with vampires)
Immortal Prophecy by Samantha Adams & Kay Fry Paranormal Romance (with vampires)
Beautiful Monster by Bella Forrest Paranormal Romance (with vampires)
Empath by HK Savage  Paranormal Romance


Element, Part 1 by C.M. Doporto Paranormal Romance
Blood and Sacrifice (Blood Ties #2) by Jessica Gibson Paranormal Romance (with vampires)
Foreshadowed (The Crimson Bond #2) by Erika Trevathan Paranormal Romance (with vampires)
Love Nip (Emily Sullivan #2) by Mary Whitten Paranormal Romance (with vampires)









Feel free to share your recommendations in comments and tell us what you downloaded or if I should download, read or avoid something from this list.