Aiden's Charity

Aiden's Charity - Lora Leigh Sorry, I forgot to add to the currently reading shelf.Review coming soon.After reading Wolfe's Hope and Jacob's Faith, Aiden's Charity was a blow of fresh air.From the begining, this book followed a the finalplot line and my interest was spiked up from the first chapter to the last.I loved this book for it's final idea (at least for me) that sometimes feelings and logic, nature and science, don't walk hand in hand, but they compromise and complete each other.Aiden is a breed that was created for one purpose only, to match his genetics with a female to allow conception for the wolf breed.Never allowing it to happen, he controls and hides his body's reaction to the mad scientists that rule the lab where he's emprisioned...until Charity comes along.From that moment on he no longer can fake his reaction and goes for years hating her for the feelings that awaken in his body and soul.On the other hand, Charity can't allow Aiden to be a disposible pawn in the council hands and saves him from the ultimate punishment...death.From this point the story thicken's and Aiden will be the only one to have a shot at saving Charity from certain death.Their relationship is complicated but very balanced throughout the book, from hate to love, from revenge to respect.We are also introduced to a new kind of Breed caracters, Winged Breeds and to Del Rey, the coyote breed that further on has it's own book.As a hole picture, I think that M. Leigh achieved her goal, to us readers see the wolf breeds as a hole, united, with their own achivements and problems.It's a hole new world to explore.