Feline Breeds - Tempting the Beast: Feline Breeds 1

Tempting the Beast - Lora Leigh I'm a big fan of Lora Leigh's books but this particular series was at first difficult to get into.I first read this book last year and didn't quite like it, maybe because it was distanced from the usual plot line that I usually read.After reading some other books in this series, and finding them absolutely fantastatic, I've gone back to this one for a new perspective on Callans Lyons and Merinus story.I'm not going to go over the storyline but what my perspective tells me is that there has to be a begining to every story and sometimes the series doesn't look that apealing but it turns out to be a hole new world of opportunities and possibilities.I think that's what happened with the Breeds series.Neither man or beast but a little of both, created in a test tube by fanatics, Callan turns out to be a caracter that I grew particularly fond of because of it's intelegence and integrity towards the other breeds, creating a world of freedom and choice for those who want to be free.Merinus doesn't fall behind her mate, going against all to help understand the matting frenzy and standing by Callan in releasing the news to the world about the Genetics Council.After re-reading this book, I was a changed reader towards the series and going on to the next one, again.