Elizabeth's Wolf

Elizabeth's Wolf - Lora Leigh So, I just finished the 3rd. book on the breeds series and I have to say that I did like it very much. Until now this one is the best one of the series.A story that is well balanced, with all the right ingredients and above all very, very hot. This one is not for the weak of heart...Loved the strong personality of Elizabeth and the heartbreaking loneliness of Dash. Absolutely loved the tension between the two caracters until they consume their "mating" and as usual, Lora Leigh is a talented writer on love scenes, which in my opinion were great.This book revisits some of the old feline breeds and introduces some new caracters that should spice up the series.The only flaw that I find is that in the end it all went down too fast but OK, nothing's perfect in the world we live in.Because I'm still missing to read some of the Breeds books, I'm re-reading them all so I've changed the date to today.