Fantasy Lover (Dark-Hunter Series Prequel)

Fantasy Lover (Dark-Hunter Series Prequel) - Just so you understand my point of view on this one, when I first read Fantasy Lover, I was looking for an exciting paranormal romance that would cure my addiction to Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood and nothing would really do. So I went to the library and tried this one out.It was a wonderful surprise and I read it through a single day.We have Julian of Macedonia, a man that was never loved as a child, a great warrior of it's time, cursed into a book with the sole purpose of being a sex slave.And then we meet Grace Alexander, a sex therapist, a woman that never knew how it was to be loved by a man, hurting from a big deception from the past.How would it be to have a birthday gift that would change your hole life and the conception of reality has you know it ?To meet a man that could make you feel what you been missing in your life ... Have the chance to be truly fulfilled and happy with someone, especially with a man like Julian.All this considerations come o mind when reading this book.It has a little of everything and is actually a good start to the dark hunter series.It didn't kill my love for the Black Dagger Brotherhood, I have to say that they are my perfect little world and my addiction, but this series is really a breath of fresh air.