Walking Disaster: A Novel

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Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire



Abby is trying to outrun her past. She has moved with her friend America to the college campus. She is determined to have a fresh start. When she meets Travis, things change. He is everything all the girls want. She finds him cocky, and rude and the farthest thing from from she needs or wants. But he takes an interest in her and she does her best to stay away from him. When the water heater in their building goes out they go and stay with Shepley and Travis. Abby becomes friends, but wants nothing more. Somewhere along the way feelings begin to develop. Abby become attracted to him, but doesn't want to admit it. Abby is seeing another guy, who I thought was a pretty good match for her. But her feelings for Travis are too strong..Travis is an excellent student, fighter but is the bad boy we don't want our daughters to bring home. He has a bad temper, and doesn't control it very well. His feeling for Abby to me feel more like a co-dependence relationship than love. I understand he does love her, and doesn't know what to really do with it. He tries to change how he is. America, Abby's best friend tries to support her through all of this. Letting her relationship with Shep suffer at times. I think my two favorite character were Kara and Parker. Kara just say how things are, no holding back. And Parker is really sweet and cared for Abby and was genuinely worried for her.Abby and Travis's relationship take us on an emotional roller coaster ride. It is not a perfect relationship by far, but one I don't completely understand. The was this is written it wasn't hard to get caught up with all of Travis's dying devotion to Abby, but at the same time I felt so frustrated that everyone just made excuses for his behavior, and how he treated Abby. These are two very broken people that together find happiness. This was an addictive read, but not the way I would like. I just really wanted to see what happens. I was drawn to the cover, and the summary peeked my interest, but this was'n't a book that I enjoyed even though I wanted to.