Hot Ticket

Hot Ticket - Olivia Cunning

Well, thank you, Olivia.  Here I was, super stoked to get all up in Jace's book.  Excited to read all about his kinky-ass bdsm-y ways.  Expecting a non-stop fuck-fest (okay, I wasn't disappointed with that part).  But I tell you what I wasn't expecting to happen, something you made me do.  Cry...tears.  You made me cry my own tears.  Not just once, either.  I thought this was a Sinners book!?  I wasn't expecting these types of feels to be involved.  Just the usual tingly feelings, if you know what I mean.

Give me a heads up next time.  The other books in the series didn't really stir my emotions like this one.  But this book right here, full of feels.  The part when Jace begs Aggie for mercy after the wreck.  Forget about it.  There are no words...


I really don't know if I can forgive you.

Fine, I forgive you.  Only because this book was super sexy, heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time.  Now if you excuse me, I must try to harness in my emotions.