Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion

Zombies are just about everywhere these days, not roaming the streets of course, but all over the big and small screens. Being the horror nerd that I am, I'm all over that shit. I mean you never know when z-day is coming, right? You need to have your research done. Anyways, you always hear about the people living in the zombie world, blasting away at the undead and surviving any way they can. But you never see things through a zombie's eyes, if they still have them.


This story is told from R's pov. I'm not going to summarize the story as the blurb pretty much covers that. I'm just here to say that it's a new twist to the genre and I really enjoyed it. Funny, morbid and touching. Loved the characters. Julie, M, and R are my standouts. Julie? Loved her. She's my type of heroine. Strong and spirited. M? My zombie bro. And about R? Yeah, I was seriously crushing on that guy. Who knew a zombie could be so likeable.


Now I'm just waiting on the second book to take me back to the world where the undead are becoming alive again.