Lightning That Lingers

Lightning That Lingers (Loveswept, #25) - Sharon Curtis

Easily distracted reader that I am, when I saw one of my Goodreads friends had recently completed this book and wrote a glowing review of it, I rushed off to Overdrive to get it. It's about a shy librarian, and a lovely man who dances at a place called Cougar's Club.  


Hmm, Cougar's Club ... you see the potential for tackiness, don't you? Well, this book is anything but. The hero, Phillip, is also a biologist and has his reasons for dancing at the club.  And Jennifer is courageous despite her shyness. Watching them fall in love is a thing of beauty.  What's also beautiful is the writing; it's warm and gentle, just like Phillip and Jennifer.


I kept back half a star for the ending which I felt was a bit abrupt, with the way their unavoidable conflict was handled.


Overall, definitely a recommended book for romance readers.  


(And I almost forgot to mention there's an owl that likes Chaucer, a hen called, what else, Henrietta, and puffins! And other cuties but you'll have to read the book for yourself!)