Babycakes - the kind of cozy contemporary romance I love to read

Babycakes - Donna Kauffman Sugar Rush - Donna Kauffman

Babycakes - Donna Kaufmann

contemporary romance, adult, #3 in the Cupcake Club series, first book in the series: Sugar Rush


This was exactly the kind of nice and cozy contemporary romance I love to read. The book and the whole series is set in a lovely, small town and there are a lot of likable and a bit eccentric characters living in that place. The two main characters of "Babycakes" are the kind of people you would like to have as friends, they are the kind of people you root for and want to see happy. The story was heart-warming, lovely and made me smile a lot. Turtles played an important role in the book and adding this little extra worked perfectly for me. And of course cupcakes and baking played once again an important role, needless to say that I loved this aspect of the story. :)


You can read this book as a stand-alone, however the other books in the series are also great, so I would recommend to start with the first book which is called "Sugar Rush". If you are in the mood for a cozy contemporary romance, then "Babycakes" and "Sugar Rush" are great books for you.