Review - Fever Series #1 "Darkfever" by Karen Marie Moning

Darkfever (Fever #1) - Karen Marie Moning

This one got me through the night and a little bit of the day. Simply amazing.

Between the first two chapters, Alina seemed just like another pretty teenager, but I always enjoyed a good mystery with a pinch of murder so I went along with it.
But then , Alina arrives in Dublin and she did, from that point on "crawl" into my skin and I just couldn't stop reading. I found a brand new dark world, inhabited by common people and fae, good and bad, all of them very well caracterized and written. When she walked through the streets, under the rain, when she ran with fear and above all, her determination to find who or what killed her sister, got me there with her, again ... amazing.

Alina goes from that pretty teenager, with a perfect life, to the adult woman, wondering what she is or who she is in a short period of time.
And then we meet Jericho Barrons. A man coming from another time, the old world, addicted to power and knowledge, seeming to have no humanity at all, but always there to help, an allie to Alina. Is he a man or is he another sort of "creature" ?
There was a point in the book when he looks at Alina, I felt him looking directly at me.

This book is very well conceived, very well written and is a great kick start for a brand new series. I wouldn't expect less from this wonderful author.